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We have previous for smashing up the Exmesh product range into complete bits on film. Well, this time we were at it again, but it was completely hands off as we had films to create for their Architectural and Experf ranges. These are more decorative products that - while giving us plenty of opportunity to play with light, movement and metal - we were under strict instructions to return in one piece at the end of the shoot.

21st June 2022 / Posted by: Matt McGough

We took a very different approach this time, utilising and controlling the darkness in our studio to light and move the huge bits of metal and bring them to life. The Expanded Metal Company wanted to show the detail on the Architectural range, which are used to smartly clad buildings all around the world, while looking at the Experf range which is used for everything from ceiling tiles to furniture.The opportunity of shooting in a controlled environment gave us the freedom to plan out all our shots and have some time for a few creative surprises - such as shooting entirely macro on one of our movement rigs for some sequences while others required playful movements of our lighting setups into the camera.

Philip Astley, managing director of The Expanded Metal Company

We have worked with Ithica  on several projects in the past and we were confident that their team could deliver an exceptional visual showcase for our architectural and Experf ranges. We certainly weren’t disappointed with the outcome… and the results speak for themselves.

It’s fantastic to have a company of Ithica’s expertise and pedigree on our doorstep here in the Tees Valley. They go above and beyond when working with their clients, and have an innate understanding of how to successfully portray industrial products and processes.

We operate in a highly competitive market and manufacture meshes for both domestic and international markets, so it is vital to maximise on the opportunities provided by digital marketing and media platforms.

These new films will help us to reach new audiences and highlight our capabilities in a spectacular, highly engaging way.

Matt McGough, managing director, Ithica

The architectural products have always caught our eye through the work we've been doing with The Expanded Metal Company over the past few years so it was great to get them set up in the studio, light them and start to pick the details out.

Metal is always amazing to film and these were eye catching pieces that look great in the final films.

The Expanded Metal Company has always been forward thinking and open to new ideas around the showcasing of their products and there's always a degree of creative freedom in their productions that really push the company’s marketing content further.

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