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to introduce ourselves

Here at Ithica we use film to help organisations, brands and businesses to find their voice and amplify their message.

We're a boutique, deep thinking, creative film company. We tell meaningful stories in a cinematic way.

We believe in keeping things simple, so we refined our production process. Meaning that more time can be spent on the important part of the project - the story. Keeping it simple also means keeping it small, where we can build trust together and create the best film we can between us.

Filming on set with a gimbal

Check out our showreel, if you like what you see then lets talk, and see what we can create together.

A boutique way
of working

So what makes us different from other film companies?

The diverse range of stories we're asked to tell gives us a versatility that is unsurpassed. Our ability to see the sum of the parts, to make the connections and to bring your story to life is at the centre of everything we do. Working on niche projects for businesses gives us a unique worldview.

shooting at Ithica


We'll be on location, wherever and whenever that may be.

Our core footprint and passion is focused on Scotland and the North of England. Places, people and cultures that we know intimately.

Whether it's in the Highlands or Lake District, a refinery or distillery, a global HQ or high street branch. Location is a key component of each film we make. Sometimes what's there isn't enough, so we can create a set or utilise our animation partners. Our creative approach and cinematic eye is there to bring the world to life.

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We tell stories

Sam Harrop

Sam Harrop


Kevin Firman

Kevin Firman


Matt McGough

Matt McGough

Managing Director

We stir emotions,
provoke reactions
& capture imaginations

We're only here to create great films. Our award winning team bring originality, flair and creativity to every project and commission. As a boutique studio we hit deadlines and targets for a diverse group of clients and partners. We understand that not every audience is the same, and that budget isn't unlimited. We exist in the strange space between the film we would all love to make, and the film we can make. It's that pragmatic approach to filmmaking which has seen over a thousand projects go through production since we were formed.

Check out some of our work and get in touch so we can create something really special together.

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