Energi Coast - Titans of Offshore Wind


The incredibly visual renewable energy sector in North East England makes waves globally. We were asked to put an ambitious film together for the voice of the cluster. The titans of offshore wind.


This was one of our most in-depth preproductions, with a proof of concept, script, shotlist, music choices and structure. The contributors to the film were absolutely key to how we would tell the story. We encompassed the industrial heritage and ingenuity of the north east and tied them to the three main pillars of Energi Coast - skills, innovation and the supply chain - this led to the title and theme of the film - the Titans of Offshore Wind.


As the preproduction was signed off and we moved into production we were able to begin to piece together the visuals of the industry. From our own archives of working in the sector, to setting up shoots to capture the new innovations in the region. This footage would be built around our scripted pieces, where we went to each corner of the north east in order to showcase the locations and speakers that would drive the film.


There was a lot of anticipation about this film hitting post. The pace was crucial, with a documentary style running through the film we were able to let parts of the film really breathe. As the process progressed it was amazing to start seeing the gravitas of the speakers mix with the bold scale of the visuals. We underscored the speakers, allowing the film to flow without attaching the script to a piece of music. This was a huge part of the films feel, which underlined how important this cluster is.


The film was premiered at Offshore Wind North East 2022, with over 900 delegates at the event. We were amazed to see hints of the film appear on social media in the run up to the event, such was the impact it had made internally at Energi Coast. We are really proud of bringing a brief to life in this way, with the creative freedom and trust placed in us to tell a truly special story.

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