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Interested in joining us?

We get lots of interest from people looking to start or further their career with us. We thought it would be handy to put together a little update of where we're at, what we're looking for and how you can get involved with us.

8th August 2022 / Posted by: Matt McGough

Why a film career?

We’re a film production studio. We’ve got plenty of heart and soul. We’re at our best when we’re telling meaningful stories in a cinematic way. 

The image of the film industry is very different from the reality. We are expected to work hard, long hours and be able to be creative on demand. We believe that with a little bit of talent and the right attitude then anyone can do this, however we've also found that it’s not for everyone. People who succeed are those who can work on their craft everyday, work as part of a team and take the knockbacks that often come as part of any creative career. 

We want to hear from people who have that spark - who are interested in joining a team of creative editors, filmmakers and cinematographers who care deeply about their craft and want to become master practitioners. This is a consuming thing to do for a living and the rewards are great in terms of creative freedoms and support from the directors - we want to see people come in, make an impact and develop into the best filmmakers they can be.

How you can get involved

Sending us an introductory email is always a good start - we always keen to hear about who's out there and your email will be read. We try to make a point of replying to everyone so that you know at least someones listening. Tell us about who you are, what you've been doing, where your skill set lies and why you'd be interested in speaking to us.

Don't be afraid to send us updates of work you've been carrying out professionally and personally - it keeps the conversation going and it's always interesting to see what you've been upto.

Let us know if you'd like to be added to the careers newsletter t which will have occasional updates from us and direct news on when roles go live.

Keep checking this part of the site - after the pandemic we are working out the finer details of how we can restart a lot of the experience and contact with Ithica. It's very much a work in progress right now but we will update it here.

Things to tell us

We're looking to hear from people who are interested in working with us, who can demonstrate the level they're currently working at so we can see how you may fit with our team. We have a clear production process here so we're looking at how you would fit and complement the way we would work.

Skills around the cameras you're comfortable shooting on, the edit systems you can use - we use Resolve and Premiere as our primary and secondaries here - the things you've made and whether you're more suited to the cinematography or editing side of production would be really useful to find out.

We've a history of bringing in work experience, apprentices, graduates and experienced members to the team. The main driver has been and always will be attitude - we win together and lose together as a team.

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